Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exclusive Shows

This blog is here to mark a new age in the music entertainment industry. I would like to speak of a new marketing strategy that will help to boost album sales, and that is exclusive shows.  Exclusive shows will do a few things. For example, It will allow your most adoring fans that are on a budget to experience something that money cannot buy, strong artist to fan relationships.

This process will begin with album sales. The distributing stores would be instructed to provide the consumer with one code for every album bought. The code would then be redeemed at the entry of a regular concert, which would allow one to be directed to a special section, which would be reserved for them. After the concert and before any V.I.P.’s were allowed backstage, all but the designated section would be dismissed. Then a small 2-3-song concert would begin. This would help to make ones fans feel special as they rock out with other supporting fans.

The concert would do another thing. It would allow the artist to see who and what his diehard fans look like, act like, and what they crave. It will also allow the artist to interact with a smaller audience providing him/her with a better opportunity to make the fans feel special and closer to the brand. I believe that implementing this strategy will be detrimental in the fight against piracy, as one could never duplicate the intimacy that comes with functions like this. The final benefit that will be received by use of this tactic is the revamping of the Hip-Hop culture. Putting artist closer to their fans could possible inspire unity. Who knows maybe we can bring Hip-Hop back to the communities.